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Alpine Gardeners of Central Vancouver Island
Resources - Gardening Hints  and Discounts

Soil Mixes

Soil Mix for Seeding and Potting


40% Peat

40% Course Sand

20% Perlite

As this mix contains no soil a program of liquid fertilizer will be required following pricking out.  

Al Smith

Potting Compost


7 Parts sterilized loam

3 Parts Peat

2 Parts Coarse Sand

   To every 10 Gallons of Mix add:

2 tbsp Bone Meal

2 tbsp Superphosphate of Lime

1 tbsp Sulphate of Potash

1 1/2 tbsp Gr Lime

John Innes- Horticultural Inst

Soil Mix for Saxifrages

1 Part Soil - not too fine, gritty preferred

1 Part Coarse Sand

1/2 Part Peat

1 1/2 Parts Stone Chips-1/4 inch & smaller

1/2 Part Mortar Rubble

Dusting of Limestone (ground)

Rex Murfitt

Compost for Potted Alpines


1 1/2 Parts sterilized loam

1 1/4 Parts coarse Sand

3/4   Part Peat

            To each gallon of mix add:

1/4 oz superphosphate of lime

1/8 oz sulphate of potash

1/8 oz dried blood


Mix for Soil Conditioning

1/4 Peat

1/4 Coarse Sand

1/4 Soil

1/4 Crushed Stone

Spread mix 2-3 inches thick and dig in.

Al Smith

Soil Mix for  Most Lime Loving Plants such as -Physoplexis Comosa -

Phyteuma Comosum

1 litre Loam

1 litre Oak Leaf Mold

1 litre acid or Granite Rock

1/2 litre limestone grit

2 tbsp Oyster Shell - pulverized

1 tbsp Bonemeal

Ernie Lythgoe


Soil Mix for Primulas

2 Parts Potting Soil (Not with peat)

1 Part granite grit

        Per 4 litres of mix:

1/4 Cup Dolomite Lime

1 tbsp Bonemeal

Tony James

Soil Mix for Lewisia Tweedyi

60% Forestry Sand ( Info)

35% Coarse Sand

5% Leaf Mold

Water regularly with high phosphate fertilizer (NPK - 14-10-27)

George Nation

Seed Planting Compost or Scree Mix

6 Parts Sharp Sand

2 Parts Peat

2 Parts Perlite

1 Part Granite Chips

1 Part fine Limestone Grit

Cover seeds wtih 1/4 inch #2 granite grit

Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery

You can also download this information by clicking on the link below

Soil Mixes

Discounts at Garden Centers

Buckerfields-Nanaimo, Parksville & Duncan
10% Discount

(250)753-4221      250-248-3243  



Ken-Dor Garden Centre- Qualicum

10% Discount

Phone:  250-594-1117

Streamside Native Plants- Qualicum

10% Discount


Russell Farm Market- Chemainus

10% Discount

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